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   Final Hosts Network Operation Center

Our Facility

Company Infrastructure

Sets us apart from other web hosts

** Final Host delivers your Web Site with superior hardware which provides the best server performance available. Our network utilizes state-of-the-art, high-speed, non-congested, redundant OC-3 fiber-optic cable and Cisco Routers, including Multi-Homing provided through Data Base File Tech Group, our Network Connectivity Provider.**

Roof Top Helicopter Pad

Our Network Operations Facility

Situated on a veritable monolith floating on the earth’s crust, a geological phenomenon of igneous rock measuring several kilometers in surface dimension and 80 kilometers in depth, our facility offers a rock solid foundation for your data. This is a purpose built building exceeding the current National Building Code Standard, quite able to withstand winds up to 135 kph and earthquakes to 9.5 on the Richter scale. Situated 40 meters above sea level our facility has been described as the ‘Fort Knox’ of the north. 

The facility was awarded the Department of National Defense contract as the emergency backup site for the Joint Rescue Co-ordination Centre, and houses the Federal Office of Critical Infrastructure Protection and Emergency Preparedness. The 24x7x365 security system provides bio-metric scanners, closed circuit television, key card egress and ingress and computer controlled vibration and motion monitoring for your peace of mind.

High Speed Access

Fast reliable client access is provided by three major suppliers of bandwidth. The Telus Corporation along with Big Pipe Inc. and Group Telecom terminate OC3 connections on site, allowing multiple high speed redundancy.

Emergency Back Up Power

Redundant power is supplied by data center wide UPS and three on site diesel generators, the main capable of generating 275kva.

Fire Suppressing System

CO2 suppressant and localized vacuum controlled sprinklers.

Environmental Controls

State-of-the-art computer monitored environmental controls for humidity, temperature and dust.

Our Superior Network

  • Purpose built facility in a unique, obscure location.
  • Security is fully monitored 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.
  • All persons accessing the facility (both employees and clients) are both CSIS and police security cleared.
  • Access and movement both outside and within the building is fully monitored by security cameras, closed circuit television, perimeter sensors, electronic cards readers and biometric tools (i.e. neuro-sensor palm verification readers.)
  • All movement within the building is recorded and also stored electronically.
  • All servers housed in a secure, environmentally-controlled, non-combustible environment.

Server Load Balance

Final Host provides clients with cutting-edge hardware, software and technology. All of our servers are owned and operated by Final Host. Most of our servers are Dell servers, others are custom-built with the most reliable equipment on the market today. All our servers speed and response times maintain the highest levels of performance. Best of all, there are less than 150 domains hosted on each of our servers, unlike most of our competitors who, host anywhere from 500 to 1000 domains per server. With such a small number of domains on each server there is a lower server load, the disk access time is measurably faster and the network speed is increased and uncongested. We keep our servers at less than 50% capacity balancing server resources and delivering our clients websites with the best, quickest service around.

Our Servers

Our high performance servers are designed for a 24/7 web serving environment. All of our servers are fast and equipped with SCSI dual mirrored hard drives, dual PIII 733/866 processors, with 512 MB to 1 gig of RAM.

Final Host also offers Dell servers one of the highest level, performance servers for a swift, solid web hosting experience. Our Dell servers are equipped with, SCSI dual mirrored hard drives, dual processors, Xeon based technology with 2 Gig of RAM.

Mirror Backup, Monitoring, Security - 24X7
Regular upgrades and maintenance 
OC-3 Connection
Multi-homed Redundancy
Custom Built Superior Servers
Dual PIII 733 and Dual PIII 866 CPU
Minimum 1 Gig RAM
SCSI Drives
100 MB Ethernet
Dell Servers
SCSI dual mirrored hard drives
Dual Xeon Processors
2 Gigs Of ram
UPS Backups
Power generator
100-150 clients per server

WinNT 4.0 / Windows 2000/2003
Microsoft IIS 4.0 and 5.0
Perl Version 5.6.0
MS FrontPage 98-2002
MS Access
Statistics Server 5.0
Real Audio/Video G2
In addition the company employs network and data security systems insuring, physical and electronic security protects your data which is stored both on and off-site. Our network and facilities provide the connectivity, security and support required for the most demanding businesses. Final host has taken every precaution to ensure that your applications and data are always connected and safe.

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